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Past Events

Event - Participated in UN, Millenium Development Goals Conference and did interventions in Child Labour seminar.

Venue - NewYork, USA

Date - Sept. 2010

Event - 1.Discussion on Convention on discrimination, Video Intervention 3 Min. Talk by our President Yogesh Varhade.
2.Joined as a Member of IHEU, NGO with consultation status with UN.
3.Met Madam Navratan Pilley-UN High Commissioner on Human Rights and had private discussion on Dalit issues.

Venue - Geneva, Swiss.

Date - April 2010

Event - UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: India Report Discussion.

Venue - Geneva, Swiss.

Date - May 2008

Event - ACJP met WHO and ILO

Venue - Geneva, Swiss.

Date - May,2008

Event - Discussion with MPS of European Union.

Venue - Brussels, Belgium

Date - May2008

Event - ACJP attended NGO committee on UNICEF.

Venue - New York, US

Date - Sept.2008

Event - UN Committee on Racial Discrimination (CERD) India Report

Venue - Geneva, Swiss

Date - March 2007

Event - UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Working Group Discussion

Venue - Geneva, Swiss

Date - October 2007

Event - Debate in California School Board on Indian History regarding caste system.

Venue - California, US

Date - March 2006

Event - ACJP celebrates Ambedkar’s birth Anniversary in Columbia University.

Venue - New York, US

Date - April 2006

Event - Golden Jubilee year-50th Dhamma Diksha Din at Nagpur

Venue - Nagpur, India

Date - Oct.  2006

Event - UN  World Summit on Information Society, at Tunis, ."It is the Human Right of every child  to have free access to  information Technology “

Venue - Tunis, Tunisia, North Africa

Date - November (16-18), 2005

Event - International Seminar on Re-appraisal and Re-understanding of Indigenous Peoples at The Asiatic Society

Venue - Kolkata, India

Date - Nov-28-30 2005

Event - Ottawa, Canada: Human Rights Consultations: ACJP participates.

Venue - Ottawa, Canada

Date - Feb. 2004

Event - Toronto Social Forum: ‘Dalits and Caste System.’

Venue - Toronto, Canada

Date - March 2004

Event - World Bank Watchdog, India and marginalized people.

Venue - Washington D.C. US

Date - May 2003

Event - UN, working group on Indigenous population and Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), “Thematic Discussion on Descent- based Discrimination".

Venue - Geneva, Swiss

Date - August 2002

Event - Director of South Asia Division.

Venue - Ottawa, Canada

Date - Dec. 2002

Event - World Conference against Racism,

Venue - Durban, South

Date - Aug-Sept.

Event - Global Event against discrimination

Venue - Africa

Date - 2001

Event - UN Committee on Rights of The Child, India Report

Venue - Geneva, Swiss

Date - Jan.2000

Event - Prepcom World Conference on Racism,

Venue - Geneva, Swiss

Date - 2000

Event - USA-Secretary of State, South Asia, Senator  Moynihan and President Bill Clinton visit to India.

Venue - Washinton DC

Date - 2000

Event - UN Committee on Rights of Child, NGO consultation Meeting with WHO, ILO, Rep.

Venue - Geneva, Swiss

Date - 1999

Event - Canadian Foreign Minister Ottawa, Canada

Venue - Ottawa, Canada

Date - 1999

Event - UN Commission on Social Development, 50th Anniversary of UN declaration of Human Rights.

Venue - New York, US

Date - 1998

Event - Hosting of Conference in Canada on Human Rights of Dalits

Venue - Toronto, Canada

Date - 1998

Event - 50th Anniversary of UN declaration of Human Rights.

Venue - Edmonton, Canada

Date - 1998

Event - UN Committee on Human Rights ( Civil & Political Rights) India Report.

Venue - Geneva, Swiss

Date - 1997

Event - Interview by  Canadian TV : ACJP work on marginalized people of India.

Venue - Toronto, Canada

Date - 1997

Event - Canadian Parliamentary Committee on Child Labour.

Venue -Ottawa, Canada

Date - 1996

Event - UN Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination discusses India Report, Historical Pioneering contribution of ACJP.

Venue - Geneva, Swiss

Date - Aug. 1996

Event - World Summit on Social Development (WSSD) (Eradication of Poverty)

Venue -Copenhagen, Denmark)

Date - March.1995

Event - World Conference on Women’s Right, Prof. Ana Maria Quiroz-ACJP advisor represented.

Venue - Beijing, China

Date - July-Aug. 95

Event - UN Working Group on Indigenous People (WGIP)

Venue - Geneva, Swiss

Date - July.1994

Event - UN Sub-Commission on Protection of Minorities

Venue - Geneva, Swiss

Date - Aug.1994

Event - Meeting with US, UK,  Holland, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Reps.

Venue - New Delhi India

Date - 1994

Event - UN Representative of the Indigenous Peoples of India in UNWGIP, to celebrate the "Year of Indigenous People" Bangalore, India,

Venue - Bangalore, India

Date - 1993 (Dec.-Jan.)

Event - Bangkok Prepcom UN Meeting.

Venue - Bangkok, Thailand

Date - March 1993

Event - World Conference on Human Rights.( WCHR) Global Human Rights Event.

Venue - Vienna, Austria

Date - June 1993

Event - Canadian Human Rights Conference.

Venue - Ottawa

Date - Feb-Mar ‘93

Event - UNESCO conference on Human Rights.

Venue - Montreal,Canada

Date - Feb-Mar ‘93

Event - Dalit Solidarity Conference organized by World Council of Churches.

Venue - Nagpur-India

Date - Dec.1992

Event - Dalit Conference organized by Swiss Church Aid Group.

Venue - Basel-Switzerland

Date - June 1992

Event - Working Group on Indigenous Population

Venue - Geneva, Swiss

Date - July 1992

Event - Columbia University Human Rights Conference on the occasion of Dr. Ambedkar Birth Centenary.

Venue - New York, USA

Date - April 1991

Event - Dr. Ambedkar Birth Centenary Celebration with Human Rights Conference.

Venue - Toronto, Canada

Date - June 1991

Event - UN Working Group on Indigenous Population, SC/ST as indigenous people of India,

Venue - Geneva,Swiss

Date - July 1991

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