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Global President Profile

ACJP Global President in Brief
Yogesh Varhade

Son of cotton-mill worker parents, met Babasaheb for autograph in 1954

A fifteen year old boy sat on the ground very near to the dais and witnessed the historic event  when Babasaheb Bhim Rao Ramji Ambedkar, on 14 October 1956, with more than a half million of his people who tore away their social bondage and returned to Buddhism at Nagpur, the sacred place of the Ancient Buddhists who were his ancestors. The event took deep roots in his sub-conscious to remain vivid and fresh for ever. He recalls the images of this great occasion in minutest detail as if he is still there.

He came to know another incident of four landless ladies of depressed class being paraded naked by caste Hindu landlords in Marathwada. This too he can never forget, even if he tries.

After obtaining a degree in Science and Mechanical Engineering from a university in India, he flew to the west to establish himself not to live in comfort that he can enjoy with some money that he has earned with tremendous struggle.

He had drained all his resources to tell the world, the suffering, the atrocities, the inhuman treatment and poverty that the indigenous and marginalized people of India still suffer due to cruel social inequality and indifference of those who govern.

Against stubborn opposition from officials as well as other powerful forces, he could convince the UN Committee on Elimination of  Racial Discrimination in 1996 that caste- based (descent – based) discrimination of 250 million marginalized people of India is most exploitative and dehumanizing which needs to be eradicated with the help of compassionate help from United Nations and which will  bring dignity and peace to the suffering humanity. This pioneering work eventually started a debate on Caste System in United Nation. The atrocities against the indigenous and the marginalized, the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in particular, in India, are under UN scanner.

Caste is violent, cruel and harmful and generates hatred which kills the lowest of the low every day in India. Caste violates human rights of right to life, equality, liberty, dignity and justice. Caste is correlated with illiteracy, poverty, malnutrition, child abuse, slavery, sexual exploitation and various other discriminations. The irony is that in the agricultural economy of India, the marginalized contribute the highest percentage of landless agricultural labour. They sweat to produce only to be denied the basic needs of life, freedom, dignity and justice.

That is Mr. Yogesh Varhade, the Global President of ACJP. He is always on the move to UN  bodies,  Governments and civil society form one country to the another country of Asia, Europe, UK, Canada, U.SA., Africa, South America and everywhere with his mission. Following table gives some of the glimpses of his efforts across the globe.

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