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Motto and Objectives

ACJP Motto: ‘Social Justice for all’ :

ACJP upholds and promotes right to equality and liberty, dignity, justice, compassion, humanism, social emancipation, self-respect and honour of women, gender equality, development of women and children in particular, micro economic development, education- especially girl’s education.

ACJP combats inequality, bondage, bonded labour, forced labour, untouchability, indignity, humiliation and harassment, denial of self-respect, dishonour of women, deprivation of life, mass killing, terrorization, denial of minimum wages and other atrocities against the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes in India and campaigns against similar infringements abroad.


Especial attention: Resisting and coping crimes against women and girl-children.

Methodology: Peoples’ participation through awakening.

Culture: Universal Loving-Kindness, Compassion, Appreciative joy and Equanimity.

Aims and objectives of ACJP :

To organize, establish, maintain, promote and propogate social, cultural, educational & economic activities for the upliftment of the downtrodden, oppressed sections of the society of India, especially the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes.

To works towards eradication of racial discrimination; discrimination based on descent, sex; child labor; bonded labor; child prostitution & other forms of human exploitation in India and to spread awareness and imparting professional skills and training through seminars, symposia and workshops.

To empower socially, educationally and economically the marginalised people through education, self help and awareness and to bring economic independence and cultural and religious developments, so as to enable them to lead the life of dignity, equality, fraternity and social justice.

To conduct research, collect data on all aspects of caste system, social degradation and injustice imposed on Dalits & Tribals and to share information with national and international organizations, Government agencies, NGOs & the United Nations and its agencies in order to help eradicate poverty, child labor, bonded labor, child prostitution and other social ills prevalent in the Indian Society.

To organise, open, run and govern educational, vocational, technical institutions and micro-economic projects for the economic independence and advancement of the marginalised people.

To co-ordinate co-operative efforts with the GOI, State Governments and other Government agencies to eradicate social injustice, discrimination and all forms of human exploitation.

To provide support, advice and offer consultancy to other groups, organizations and the government in various sectors related to Human Rights and the development, governance and welfare of the deprived sections of society.

To explore new directions in both formal and non-formal education with a view to improving the quality and content of education and linking it with social and technical skills, agriculture, land and water management, forestry, health care, social welfare and other developmental issues.

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